Nray 2

NRAY2 is a latest generation laser marking machine complete with a new high speed scanning head. NRAY2 can be used to repro- duce special effects such as customised patterns, images, brands, whiskers and sandblasting effects on denim and fabric garments and pieces.

The laser combines high speed with optimal quality of performance.The laser source is installed on a rotating bearing structure.

The mannequin unit and the conveyor system are mounted on a lower base. The mannequin unit and the conveyor system are protected by transparent shields fitted with safety devices in compliance with regulations in force.

The operator workstation is designed for maximum “safety” and “efficiency”. 







  • The system has developed into 2 distinct versions
  • Table marking system complete with dual conveyor system for continuos processing.
  • Table system + Automated system of marking on the mannequin.






  • Available power: 230 W – 400 W

  • New automatic laser bearn adjustament system.

  • Dual conveyor system to facilitate loading, turning and unloading of garments or fabrics.

  • Industrial touchscreen PC positioned next to workstation.

  • Internal lighting system.

  • Fume extraction system with electric fan.

  • Laser chiller.

Nuovo sistema automatico di regolazione del raggio laser. Questo sistema serve per ottimizzare la definizione richiesta in automatico, senza movimentare la sorgente laser.


High resolution video camera installed inside the structure.
This video device enables simple yet precise overlaying of designs on pants.

Max work area the table 1400 x 1400.
Scanning laser projector installed on the conveyor side of the loading zone enables easy identification of the perfect garment position. It also helps the operator identify the side of the garment to be treated by projecting the words “front” or “back”.


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